Signo, Sealant Flexiguard – Stain, Dirt and Moss Protection Sprayer Pack – 1 Litre Pack


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Paving Description

Flexiguard is a water based product that will protect any of our porous products against ingrained soiling from dirt, staining from oil and water based contaminants and even moss and algae growth; so great protection against cooking fat stains from barbeques, red wine spillages or oil from the car! The molecules of Flexiguard bond permanently with the grain of the stone/paving, and create an invisible barrier which prevents contaminants from getting into the surface of the product. Once applied you can't tell it's there. It's completely environmentally friendly. Flexiguard will be supplied with a hand pressure sprayer, and you just fill and apply in a fine mist about 30cms away from the surface, and then repeat before it dries. It's very quick and straightforward. Once it dries, which can be very quick depending on conditions, you can walk on it straight away. The surface will generally remain much cleaner than a non-treated surface, and cleaning can be carried out by a hose spray from waist height when needed. As Flexiguard prevents algae growth, you will avoid hours of cleaning stubborn and slippery moss and green growth, which can occur in shaded areas. The coating is permanent and will not wear off unless it's abraded along with the paving itself. Coverage is typically 10-15m2 with manual pressure spray, but can be as low as 5m2 for the most porous substrates using manual application.


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