Find The Cheapest Bradstone Paving…

Block Paving

Bradstone Block PavingThe choice of many for their driveways and paths, block paving is favoured for its ability to withstand the weight of vehicles, versatility and cheap price. Block paving sits on a bed of sharp sand aggregate that is compacted to provide a base. Because of this simply system, its easy to remove an area of block paving to perform maintenance work such as drainage or cabling and replace it with no visible disturbance. Due to the consistent dimensions of block paving, multiple styles can be easily mixed and arranged in a variety of patterns including brick-bond and herringbone. Bradstone block paving has proven to be hard wearing and durable option that stays looks fresh for a long time after installation.

Natural Stone Paving

Natural Stone PavingAlthough it may cost more than manufactured paving, natural stone has remained a popular choice for patios and can really give outdoor spaces the wow factor. Natural stone is to paving as solid wood is to interior flooring and the unique appearance of each individual slab with their unique natural features and the hard-wearing properties of stone make it a worthwhile investment for many who really treasure their gardens. Popular natural stone varieties include limestone, sandstone, travertine, slate and granite, many of which are available in a wide variety of colours from vijaya gold to blue-black. Slabs come in a variety of dimensions and are also sold as mixed patio packs for your convenience.

Manufactured Paving

Bradstone Manufactured PavingAlthough the name might not be all that appealing, manufactured paving is the most affordable and diverse option and is by far the best-selling. Manufactured paving can be given remarkably authentic, natural appearances such as riven profiles, weather worn textures and sumptuously smooth surfaces through the concrete casts and made in pretty much any colours. Manufactured paving is definitely the way to go if you’re after the cheapest paving and after a few years will achieve a worn-in appearance and will look more-or-less indistinguishable from a natural stone counterpart. Popular selections include Peak, Ashbourne, Old Riven, Ancestry, Old Town, Panache and Bamburgh Mill and can be around half the price of natural stone.


Bradstone WallingNot only do Bradstone manufacture paving, they also produce a great range of walling intended for gardens. After all walls are basically upright paving and Bradstone show their finesse in this field in much the same way with stunning ranges including Pitched, Ancestry, Old Riven, Natural Sandstone, Panache and Madoc. Many of these ranges have equivalencies in the paving selections and compliment each other brilliantly for a seamless, bespoke looking outdoor space. These walls make for great features and are a perfect way to divide up a garden as well as for raised beds and ornamental borders. These walls can be built just as easily as a standard brick wall due to their consistent shapes but are far more visually appealing.

StoneFlair by Bradstone

StoneFlair by BradstoneThe elite range of Bradstone paving, StoneFlair is all about stunning styles and vibrant finishes. The premium categories of the major paving types tend to be made up of StoneFlair and StoneMaster (block paving) options and demonstrate the contemporary style that a lot of StoneFlair paving has. StoneFlair also features some visually striking natural stone paving and some manufactured paving with authentic aged appearances such as Bamburgh Mill and Restoration paving. If you’re willing to spend a little extra on your new paving and want a garden with the wow-factor perfect for garden parties and barbecues, then it’s really worth looking into what StoneFlair by Bradstone can offer you.

Finishing Touches and Accessories

Finishing TouchesBradstone also produce an array of finishing touches that are also stocked by our recommended retailer Simply Paving. These optional extras will compliment your new paving perfectly and really give a complete feel to your garden. A variety of decorative aggregates including pebbles and more angular gravel are available by the bag as well as a selection of edging and coping to create borders including the popular Rope Top Edging. There are also carpet stones and setts which make excellent borders and dividers or can be used over large areas as cobblestone paving. If you want  a centrepiece or pattern incorporated into your paved area, then look into the circles and shapes packages available to get a bespoke finish without the price tag.